Construction Week - Built Tech

The proven and well established T CARDS DIRECT task management system will be showcased at the upcoming Construction Week / Build Tech Expo 8th to 10th October atthe NEC, Stand BT645.T Cards MD Phil Heine confirmed, “We are particularly excited about participating in the Innovation Zone at Construction Week, demonstrating how our simple, yet highly effective management tool can help a wide range of companies in the building and construction sector to keep track, allocate and improve efficiency”.

The benefits of both the T Cards manual and online systems are already being appreciated across many sectors of the construction sector including; roofers, window fabricators, consultants, plant hire and heating companies. These include Industrial Metal Services, Envirogard, Construction Specialities UK and MarCo Specialist Interiors.

The beauty of the T Cards system is its simplicity and how it can be implemented with minimal effort and cost which is why it’s established as one of the most effective ways of managing tasks and resources for a wide range of applications. The introduction of T Cards Online was a natural progression and the accessibility and connectivity benefits have now been further extended thanks to the development of the new updated version of T Cards Online. This represents a major step forward in managing tasks even more efficiently which is particularly important given the uncertainties of the current trading climate where operating margins and profits are under pressure and marginal gains become more significant.

The new web-based T Cards Online system enables users to easily set rules for events and define outcomes using the ITTT function. For example, it can automatically send e-mails to a defined address when a task or job is moved to a category. Likewise, an automated alarm if a T Card has been ‘inactive’ for a pre-set time period.

The system enables all this information to be displayed either on large in-office screens or on mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets allowing staff access to information on-site which is critical to them. In addition, the new ‘Quick’ reporting system is ideal for generating graphs and reports showing Key Performance Indicators. 

Since its launch over 60 years ago T Cards continues to evolve and provide important benefits as a simple, yet vital tool in helping companies to make efficiencies and so proves the point that not all improvements need to be a high-tech, high cost solution.