Managing EHS incidents need not be taxing.                                                                    All T Cards Direct products are made in the UK, so we can ensure the best service.

A proven management tool to record, communicate, and manage incidents in the work place.

The most simple way to help implement a Near Miss / Hazard or Incident System.

  • Inform other members of staff immediately of risks.
  • This board is placed at the entrance to a work area.
  • A risk is noted on a card and then placed in the board, showing everyone who enters that area.
  • Once attended to, the card is moved to the "In Progress" section. Then turned round to green when safe.
  • This board is 3 columns wide and either 30 or 50 slots deep. It is supplied fully assembled complete with headings as illustrated and 200 Printed T cards ref. 13-407-4